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Backups - left to right: Brassica juncea 'Dragon's Tongue', Brassica rapa var. chinensis 'Rubi', Latuca sativa 'Really Red Deer Tongue'

Time seems to be going past rather fast this semester – so fast the last two weeks have rather blurred into one!

As a quick note for my own records:

Last weeks completed tasks were: weeding(multiple), edging(twice), watering(multiple), planted out marigolds, pansies.
This week’s completed tasks:  weeding(multiple), edging(twice), watering(multiple), nasturtiums out, thinned poppies.

Backups - bottom to top: Brassica juncea 'Dragon's Tongue', Brassica rapa var. chinensis 'Rubi', Latuca sativa 'Really Red Deer Tongue'

As you can see from the above picture, most of my backups are coming along vigorously. They were placed into the coldframe this Tuesday and are being kept well watered in the hope that I will be able to get them out late next week, before we go away on our Study Tour.  I would like to give them all the chance to settle in and get over transplanting shock well before the viva as well as, obviously, giving them more space to grow into!  I am fairly sure the mustard greens (Brassica juncea ‘Dragon’s Tongue’) will not get to full size before the viva but they grow fast and should have gotten some ways towards it before then.  It’s a bit of a monster, with large, crinkly-edges leaves and dark red veins which looks stunning as a foliage plant in its own right – it would be well at home in a potager or informal mixed vegetable and flower garden.

Aliium cepa 'Sturon'My onions are coming along well – they are not quite as big, yet, as those who planted theirs into modules before putting them outside but they’re not far behind with the benefit of not having used up precious bench space.  I’m keeping an eye on these in particular to see whether the pay-off at the end is worth it in terms of harvesting dates.

Vicia faba 'Aquadulce' flower

As you can see, the broad beans have started to flower.  The row which is flowering is the one which was sown indoors and then transplanted out.  The ones which were direct sown are far behind, this year. This is the one plant which I would say has done much better being transplanted from indoors – most others (e.g. Peas –Pisum sativum ‘Bijou’) have ended up not far off the same size whether raised indoors or outside directly.  Asking around, though, this has not been the case for all of the students on the plot so it may depend on variety and how much sun various plots are getting as, with the large hedges nearby, there’s a marked difference in light levels between the rows.

Left: Latuca sativa 'Really Red Deer Tongue', Right: Latuca sativa 'Reine des Glaces' Tropaeolum majus 'Princess of India'

Lettuces (Latuca sativa  right: ‘Reine des Glaces’ and left: ‘Really Red Deer’s Tongue’) sown two weeks apart – the ‘Reine des Glaces’ are getting to a reasonable size now and growing fairly fast in the overcast, damp weather we’ve been having.

The nasturtiums (Tropaeolum majus ‘Princess of India’) which I had in the coldframe made their debut this week – some were fairly mature plants whilst others were minuscule (see red circles above) but, having checked back on the three days later, they seem to be doing just fine.   The spacing is fairly wide as nasturtiums like to sprawl as they grow and I’d rather they had plenty space of their own rather than invading that of the pinks nearby.


Still looking a little straggly, but things are coming along.


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