Pricking Out

These Dianthus chinensis-hegwigii ‘Black and White Minstrels’ seedlings were getting big enough to prick out – they had their true leaves now and needed to be hardened off before they started to get leggy.  A quick visual blog – you can hover over the images or click  them for larger versions to see a brief description of the process.

Tray of Dianthus seedlings with pots, ready to be pricked out. As the Botanics reuses pots, cleaning is essential. Broken pots must be discarded.

Pot overfilled. Excess compost struck off to create an even surface. Dibbing a hole for the seedling - not too deep!

Dianthus seedling in the hole, set in water to soak. Dianthus seedlings under fleece in their new home.

For these seedlings the next stop was the poly-tunnel, under a layer of fleece.  Certainly a bit of a shock for the poor things, given they were being coddled in the heated glasshouses, but there’s simply not enough space in there for them any more.

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