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I’m Nate and this blog is about my plot at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh.  I am a student there (in conjunction with SRUC), doing Horticulture with Plantsmanship and the plot is an assessed part of our course which entails design, planning and growing.  We began in October 2012 and will be assessed in late June 2013 – this gives us a fairly short growing window with the chilly Scottish springtime temperatures but that’s all part of the challenge.

Our plots are 2 x 6.5m and must comprise a proscribed vegetable section – 2m at the ‘hedge’ end of the plot with the rest being designed by ourselves.  We have fairly free reign with our designed area but should have very limited landscaping as well as varieties which will manage a good show from seed by June.

We have to consider that our beds are always accessible to the public – this means that we have to check that they look good and that noone has trodden on them.  There is also a lot of wildlife in the gardens – foxes, badgers, mice, cats, and birds (especially pigeons!) which can chew, tread on or rampage through the plots and that’s before we even consider the insect and mollusc pests.  However, the aim is for our plots also to be organic and I can’t say I’m disappointed by not having to use horrible pest and insecticides.

The opinions within the blog are, of course, entirely my own.


If you’d like to find out more about RBGE they have a websitefacebook page and twitter account.  If you’re curious about courses at The Botanics, more information can be found in their education section.

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